“Soilful Living” – New article in Lawn&Landscape Magazine

Take a look at this month’s issue of Lawn&Landscape Magazine; anyone/thing look familiar?

We are humbled to be part of the August issue as the highlighted “Company Profile.” Here we discuss some details about ELM that many individuals may not know. It is a wonderful one-on-one view of our organization and tells of how ELM came to be and where we plan to go.

Visit Lawn&Landscape Magazine, Soilful Living,Β to read the entire text and learn more about the publication.

Today’s Thought

Today’s Thought: What if cover cropping could serve as a quasi/reinforcing-TPZ?

We are exploring the efforts of cover cropping in a whole new light – what if cover crops could create a natural looking Tree Protection Zone during minor construction? By plating the seed in the Critical Root Zones of trees, the crop would germinate surrounding the major areas of potential injury. If the idea was communicated effectively, no machine, equipment or foot pressure would enter the area of germination.

Double positive! – the cover crops would only be adding to the microbial health and rooting structure of the tree as it was standing guard!

Something to think about … will report back.