Today’s Check Up: East to (Mid) West

Once again we find ourselves in the blistering heat of St. Louis – a great day to hit the 100 degree mark I am sure. I can only imagine how thirsty the land is!

Yesterday we applied nearly 1200 gallons of compost tea blends to the arch landscape and will most likely continue that application pattern through Friday.

We are also in town for a soil health conference in St. Louis. The Soil Health Institute 2nd Annual Meeting.

Looking forward to the new ideas and practices others have to offer. That’s always the best part, isn’t it? Getting to be a student again and gaining more knowledge on a topic you are whole-heartedly interested in. If only my undergrad and elementary mind thought this way…

Now back on the East Coast, we are checking up on the Elms of 5th Avenue. The huge, gigantic, mesmerizing and quite historic Elms of Central Park. For anyone who lives in NYC and commutes along the East side of Central Park, I am sure you recall a serious construction job taking place last year along the sidewalk. And now hundreds of thousands of people walk along that same space and most likely have no idea that they are basically walking through the past and present at the same time. Those Elms date back to Olmsted, The Man, The Myth, The Legend himself.

I digress; well the Elms that line that part of the park’s perimeter had to be protected and preserved during the construction. With a bit or organic magic, the careful hands of the construction company and scientific assessment, the trees are standing tall and beautiful today.

Today is a good day for health.