The St. Louis Arch- This week’s perspective

Once again we find ourselves on the grounds of the St. Louis Arch Park; thousands of gallons of compost tea blends feeding the Earth while hundreds upon hundreds of guests enjoy the summer temperatures and sprawling green park.

Seventeen hours- that’s usually how long it takes for our techs and truck to make the journey from NY to MO. But that’s not a complaint because while the travel is long, the mission is greater.

We began our work with the St. Louis Arch back in 2014. Parts of the renovation project were still just drawings on paper; early phases of planning, design, development and construction were only gaining momentum.

Today, the park is a magnificent culmination of innovative design and quality construction. Collaboration- the interconnectedness of dozens of brilliant minds created a space where its successes surround each park-goer, inspire the community and stand as a national example.

You can follow the project’s milestones and events here while also learning all about the foundation spearheading the renovation and the goals of the new space.

To this date, we have been tasked with the creation and implementation of a full biological program for 140,000 yards of new manufactured soil as well as 30 acres of established turf and mature trees. Our work has also included the establishment and maintenance of the 800 new allee trees that line the historic walks of the St. Louis Gateway Arch grounds.

What is greater than all those combined is the fact that we have been able to serve as a valuable and educational team member. We have been able to learn from our counterparts and have worked to educate others on our natural approaches. That’s the most fun, the best feeling, the most rewarding. Just like nature moves together, feeds from one another’s energy sources, lives and breathes as one Earth – that is how we like to conduct our organizational operations.

Keep working together world! We’ve got to be doing something right!



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